Foundation Repair Credit

Inspection and Consulting Services... 

Austin Foundation Repair will visit your property and recommend repairs needed to address your foundation movement or drainage problems.   

If the project is complex, our  staff can recommend consulting engineers to evaluate the problem and formulate repair recommendations.  We always recommend that you hire an engineer on any project exceeding $5,000.00.  

The engineer will act as your representative and verify that foundation repair work is done properly.  After work is completed, the engineer should provide you with a letter certifying that the work was done according to the project specifications.

Please call our offices in order to schedule an appointment or e-mail us with your contact information and a description of the problems you are experiencing.

Confused about foundation repairs? 

Call our office at 512-443-2920 to request any of the following free publications:

"Preventing Foundation Movement"
"Comparing Foundation Repair Techniques"
"Comparing Foundation Repair Bids"

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Hire an Engineer
Before undertaking any foundation repair or extensive drainage correction you should hire a registered professional engineer to evaluate the problem and formulate a plan of repair.  The engineer will be your representative and will insure that the work is done properly.

Call our office for a free list of consulting engineers in your area.