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Drainage Modifications...

Rain, runoff, and subsurface water movement can result in significant damage to residential foundations.  Effective management of surface and subsurface water is critical in minimizing foundation movement.

Austin Foundation Repair has extensive experience in the installation of surface and subsurface drainage systems of all sizes.  We have installed inlet drains, french drains, and subsurface barriers on hundreds of residential and commercial projects throughout Texas.

Note: Our minimum charge for a drainage project is $4500.00 


Confused about foundation repairs? 

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"Preventing Foundation Movement"
"Comparing Foundation Repair Techniques"
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Hire an Engineer

Before undertaking any foundation repair or extensive drainage correction you should hire a registered professional engineer to evaluate the problem and formulate a plan of repair.  The engineer will be your representative and will insure that the work is done properly.

Call our office for a free list of consulting engineers in your area.

Maintenance Tip
Maintaining proper drainage at the perimeter of your foundation can mitigate or prevent many instances of foundation movement.  Surface water should not be allowed to pond near the foundation.  Proper drainage when combined with a diligent watering program is your best approach to minimizing foundation movement.



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