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Austin Foundation Repair - On Line Privacy Statement

In recognition of our customers' expectation of privacy, we have adopted the following privacy statement.

We will not disclose confidential customer information outside Austin Foundation Repair unless specifically authorized by the customer.

Cookie technology is not used by Austin Foundation Repair.

Any email address given to us is not recorded or used without the consent of the customer.

Emailing an employee directly (via a form on our web sites or link) is tantamount to giving said party permission to respond to your email.

Any email address given to us is never shared with any outside party.

Within our company we require confidential customer information to be safeguarded at all times, and to be used only for legitimate business purposes.

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Hire an Engineer

Before undertaking any foundation repair or extensive drainage correction you should hire a registered professional engineer to evaluate the problem and formulate a plan of repair.  The engineer will be your representative and will insure that the work is done properly.

Call our office for a free list of consulting engineers in your area



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