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Why It's Important to Seal Your Driveway Regularly

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  • 04/20/2023
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Your driveway is not just a means of getting your car from point A to point B; it is also one of the first things people notice about your home. A well-maintained driveway can improve your property's overall appearance and value.

However, exposure to the elements can cause damage to your driveway over time.


Understanding Driveway Sealing

Driveway sealing is an essential process that can help extend the lifespan of your pavement. It involves applying a protective coating to your driveway to safeguard it from oil spills, water damage, and other forms of wear and tear. Regularly sealing your driveway can protect it from corrosion and increase its durability. Let's take a closer look at the details.


What is Driveway Sealing?

Driveway sealing is the process of applying a protective coating to your pavement to safeguard it from oil spills, water damage, and other forms of wear and tear. Asphalt and concrete surfaces are porous, which makes them vulnerable to the elements. Driveway sealing covers up these pores and seals your pavement, helping to prevent water and other substances from penetrating and causing damage.

When you seal your driveway, you add a layer of protection to your pavement. This layer acts as a barrier against the elements, keeping your driveway safe from damage caused by water, UV rays, and other environmental factors.


Types of Driveway Sealants

Two main types of sealants can be applied to your driveway - asphalt-based sealants and coal tar-based sealants. Asphalt-based sealants are typically less expensive and create a darker finish on the pavement, and they are made from a mixture of asphalt cement, additives, and solvent. Coal tar-based sealants are more durable and provide greater resistance to UV rays, gas, and oil.

Coal tar-based sealants are a popular choice for those who want to protect their driveway from harsh weather conditions. They are more expensive than asphalt-based sealants, but they provide better protection and last longer.


How Often Should You Seal Your Driveway?

The frequency of driveway sealing will depend on various factors like climate, usage, and type of sealant. It is recommended to seal your driveway every two to five years to ensure maximum protection. However, before sealing your driveway, ensure it is clean and dry to ensure proper adhesion of the sealant.

It's important to note that sealing your driveway too often can be counterproductive. Over time, the buildup of sealant can cause your driveway to become slippery and hazardous. That's why it's essential to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and only seal your driveway when necessary.

Driveway sealing is an excellent way to protect your pavement from damage caused by the elements. Applying a protective coating to your driveway can extend its lifespan and save money in the long run. Whether you choose an asphalt-based or coal tar-based sealant, seal your driveway regularly and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the best results.


Benefits of Sealing Your Driveway

Sealing your driveway provides several benefits, making it essential for its maintenance. Here are some of the advantages of driveway sealing:


Enhanced Appearance

Your driveway is one of people's first impressions of your home. Regular sealing can improve its appearance by making it look newer and fresher. Sealing can also hide minor cracks and blemishes on the pavement, making it look more appealing.

Driveway sealing extends the lifespan of your pavement by protecting it from cracking, chipping, or crumbling due to the effects of UV rays, water, and other destructive substances. Sealing helps prevent moisture from seeping into the pavement's surface, thereby preventing it from weakening and breaking.


Protection from Weather Damage

Weather can significantly damage your driveway if left unsealed. Sealing protects your pavement from the harsh effects of rain, snow, and ice that can cause it to crack or break apart. It provides a barrier that helps prevent moisture from getting into the pavement, thereby
preserving its integrity.


Prevention of Cracks and Potholes

Cracks and potholes on your driveway look unsightly and pose a risk to your tires and vehicle suspension. Sealing prevents the formation of cracks, potholes, and other types of damage to your pavement, and it fills the small cracks that may have developed, preventing them from getting bigger and more costly to repair in the future.

Improved Safety

A crack or pothole in your driveway can cause an injury to someone walking or driving. Sealing your driveway helps to keep it smooth and level, reducing the risk of tripping and falling. It also provides better traction for vehicles, improving their grip and reducing the risk of accidents.


Cost and Time Considerations

Sealing your driveway is a cost-effective way to protect your pavement and boost curb appeal. However, the cost and time required for the process depend on various factors.


Cost of Driveway Sealing

The cost of driveway sealing varies depending on several factors, like driveway size, sealant type, and the sealant application method. Sealing a driveway may cost between $0.10 to $0.25 per square foot. Asphalt-based sealants are relatively cheaper than coal tar-based sealants. It is recommended to get estimates from a reputable contractor before sealing your driveway.


Time Required for Sealing Process

The time required to seal your driveway depends on various factors like driveway size, weather, and the type of sealant used. On average, sealing a driveway may take between 2 to 4 hours, and however, this may vary depending on the weather conditions and other factors.


Long-term Savings and ROI

Although driveway sealing may require an initial investment, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. By preventing cracks and potholes and extending the lifespan of your pavement, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements. Moreover, a well-maintained driveway can increase your property's value if you sell it.


DIY vs. Professional Driveway Sealing

You have two main choices regarding driveway sealing - DIY or hiring a professional. Bothoptions have pros and cons; choosing the right one depends on your knowledge, skills, and budget.


Pros and Cons of DIY Driveway Sealing

DIY driveway sealing can save you money on labor costs. However, it requires specialized equipment, skills, and knowledge to achieve desirable results. Inappropriate application of the sealant can damage your pavement or even pose a risk to your health due to chemical
exposure. Additionally, if something goes wrong with the process, the cost of repairs can outweigh the money you saved with DIY.


Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional

Professional driveway sealing can cost you more than doing it yourself, but you benefit from a higher-quality job, expertise, and efficiency. They have the necessary equipment and knowledge to do the job properly, ensuring your driveway lasts as long as possible. Most companies provide a warranty or guarantee on their work if anything goes wrong, ensuring protection and peace of mind.


How to Choose the Right Option for You

If you have the necessary equipment and knowledge and are looking to save money, DIY driveway sealing may be the right choice. However, if you are unsure about the process or do not have the time, hiring a professional will ensure the job is done correctly and your driveway will last as long as possible.

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