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We are a licensed general contractor that specializes in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl spaces, roofing, siding and more.

Nearly 40 Years of Foundation Repair Experience

Without a solid foundation, your home is at risk.

We are a licensed general contractor that specializes in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl spaces, roofing, siding, and more.

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It doesn't matter if your house was built 50 years ago, 100 years ago, or in the 1900s. A cracked foundation can affect the entire structure, including the walls, floor, and foundation itself. Foundation Repair is here to help if you need foundation repair or want to repair a crack. Contact us today, and we will send a certified technician to your home to complete the job quickly and professionally.

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A home is as stable as the foundation on which it’s constructed. Moving into a new house takes time and plenty of changes do occur over time.

Humble Texas Foundation Repair

A home is as stable as the foundation on which it’s constructed. Moving into a new house takes time and plenty of changes do occur over time. The ground upon which your house is constructed undergoes changes over time as the soil contracts and expands, putting a strain on your home’s foundation.


Movements caused by soil changes can damage not only your home’s foundation but also other areas that the untrained eye can’t see. Other types of damage are difficult to see and will require trained experts to accurately evaluate them.


At FoundationRepair, we have more than 36 years of experience providing foundation repair services to Humble, Texas, residents. Our highly-trained and vastly experienced team of experts has what it takes to do the right job.


If you’re questioning the strength of your home’s foundation, call our office at +1 (800) 662-7225 to book a free estimate consultation and have us inspect your foundation. 


Premier Humble, Texas Commercial and Residential Foundation Repair Services 

As a premier Humble, TX foundation repair company, you can count on FoundationRepair to keep your business or home safe and comfortable. We founded our company out of a desire and passion to serve Humble, TX residents by providing them with most reliable lifetime foundation repair services.


Most foundation troubles stem from soil-related issues like poor soil compaction, soil expansion, soil erosion, or excessive organic materials. All of these issues can put a strain on your foundation and damage it.


Be sure to call upon FoundationRepair if:

  • You notice that your doors or windows are stuck
  • You notice cracks in your walls, floor, basement, brickwork, or crawl space
  • You home seems to be sinking or settling
  • You notice gaps around your doors or window frames
  • Your crawl space is damp
  • Your cabinets and counters are splitting from the wall
  • You notice sagging floors


Our Residential Repair Services

FoundationRepair is one of the most reliable foundation repair providers in Humble, TX, with over 36 years of commercial foundation repair experience. We also serve other Texas locations, including Houston, Dallas, East Texas, and San Antonio.


Heat and humidity may cause the cracking and shifting of your home’s foundation, which is why many property owners in Humble, Texas commonly experience foundation problems. We can help reverse or prevent structural damage from occurring in your home thanks to our first-class foundation repair, roofing, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and drainage repair services.


At FoundationRepair, we’ll keep you well-informed about our foundation repair services to help you make more informed decisions regarding the care and maintenance of your property. We endeavor to provide effective and affordable lifetime repairs, using the highest quality materials in town.


Recognizing and fixing a damaged foundation before it gets worse can potentially help you save thousands of dollars. Let FoundationRepair help you ensure that your home is safe, secure, and comfortable for you and your family. 


Our Commercial Foundation Services

FoundationRepair has been providing the Humble, Texas business community with premier commercial foundation repair services since 1986. If your business requires foundation repairs in the area, look no further than FoundationRepair’s team of skilled and experienced foundation repair experts.


Turn to FoundationRepair whenever you have a difficult-to-reach plumbing issue. Or when your concrete structure or slab is damaged and needs repairs. FoundationRepair is the number option for your foundation repairs in Humble, East Texas, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and beyond. Be sure to call us at +1 (800) 662-7225 to schedule your free inspection and estimate consultation. 


Our Foundation Repair Methods

At FoundationRepair, we use four methods to repair house foundations. The right foundation repair method for you depends on various factors, including the climate where you home is, type and severity of damage, and other factors.


Here are our four tried-and-tested foundation repair issues for a range of foundation problems:

  • Soil renewal or modification
  • Piering or piling
  • Mud jacking or slab leveling
  • Use of sealants/similar solutions


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FoundationRepair understands how important it is to have a safe, secure, and comfortable home. Our team of foundation repair experts cares so much about your safety and health, which is why they complete every project with the keenest attention to detail and utmost care. 


With our state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and technology, we can successfully complete any foundation repair job no matter the scale. 


If you stay in Humble and urgently need foundation repair services, simply contact FoundationRepair via an email ([email protected]) or call us at +1 (800) 662-7225. We’ll gladly give you a free inspection and estimate and help consign your foundation issues to history. 

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Charles M

"I had a great experience with this foundation company, and we are very pleased with the service and price. The staff is both professional and friendly. They also communicate well. I would strongly recommend"


W. Jerry

"It was a relief to have such a professional company come to our aid when our foundation cracked. I submitted the online form, and they called me the next day to schedule a free foundation inspection. The owner was involved in the process, and he is very proud of his work and his company. I would recommend these gentlemen to anyone."


Silvia Salazar

"They inspected our foundation for free and advised us on what needed to be done. We decided to hire them, and we are very pleased with the results and customer service."

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